Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Message

    2. Our goal as Fathers

    3. How to get the most out of this course

    4. Get to know our platform

    1. The 21st Century Father (An Introduction)

    2. Flying Solo vs Partnership

    3. The Benefits of Partnerships

    4. Are we capable of nurturing?

    1. Respect is earned

    2. Respect goes both ways

    3. I'm your Dad, not your Buddy

    4. Setting Clear Expectations

    5. Establishing Clear Consequences

    1. They are paying attention

    2. Highlighting good examples | Desired behavior

    3. What to do when you mess up

    1. Scars beyond the physical

    2. What history shows us

    3. What religion prescribes

    4. What science demonstrates

    5. Breaking with detrimental family cycles

    6. The power of positive reinforcement

    1. Gender Equality and social expectation disparity

    2. Sole provider, main provider, equality

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